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Among Us

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Among Us is a party game of teamwork and betrayal.


Crewmates work together to complete tasks before one or more Impostors can kill everyone aboard.


Crew Mate Objective: Fill the group task bar or eject the Impostors

- Complete all the tasks on the ship or eject Impostors to win.

- Call emergency meetings if you see any dead bodies or suspicious behavior.

- Check the Admin map and Security cameras to keep tabs on other Crewmates.

- React quickly to undo the Impostor’s sabotages.

- Make sure you have your alibi ready in case you’re falsely accused.

- Vote to eject suspected Impostors. Hope you guessed correctly!


Impostors Objective: Kill off the crew

- Kill Crewmates and frame innocent bystanders.

- Pretend to do tasks to blend in with the Crewmates.

- Sneak through the vents to quickly move around.

- Sabotage tasks to cause chaos and confuse the crew.

- Close doors to trap victims and kill in private.

- Do everything you can to convince the crew that you’re one of them.

Skill levelAll Levels
Start dateApr. 22, 2022
Registration openApr. 1, 2022, 2:01 AM
Registration closeApr. 21, 2022, 1:59 AM
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Registration is closed. The league will start Apr. 22, 2022.